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We are about to bebunk 5 math Myths! It’s easy to be misinformed simply by the sheer volume of information out there on the internet. In this article, we separate fact from fiction on some common Maths Myths.



1) Men outperform women in maths

There is not enough evidence to confirm this is true, and actually some evidence to suggest the opposite as we have covered in previous articles. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and one sex is no better than the other. This myth may have found ground because in general men are reluctant to admit their weaknesses while women tend to be more open about them. That’s one of 5 math myths debunked!



2) Mathematicians are quick in solving maths

This is true in the fact that they practice their skills and get faster at solving equations as a result. But for new concepts, until they are familiar, mathematicians will struggle the same as anyone else. Don’t equate speed with capability.



3) Using your fingers to calculate is not good when you want to excel in maths

We all start from somewhere, even the basics such as counting on fingers! There’s nothing wrong with using your fingers if it gets you the right result. This is one of the 5 math myths that’s easy to debunk.



4) You must have a good memory to do maths

Yes and no. In class, we often memorise formulas in order to use them during exams. Exams are often proof that you have managed to memorise something well. But, to retain knowledge in the longer term requires a deeper understanding of the concepts. When you understand why something has been applied, you can apply the same understanding to other problems later on. So understanding trumps memorisation every time. That’s another of 5 maths myths debunked.



5) Maths is always logic

– We often think of Maths as being pure logic – rational and systematic. But, intuition always comes first in solving math problems. It’s truly incredible that oftentimes, your first guess turns out to be the correct one.


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