Our Programmes


Building Interest in Math
Introducing a unique approach to teaching math to preschoolers, our program emphasizes the use of language and relatable examples from each child’s daily life to foster a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. We aim to develop critical thinking skills and encourage the use of real-life math examples to explain numerical statements. And the best part? Math becomes fun and engaging with our engaging activities!


Building Confidence in Math
Model Math is designed to train students’ reasoning and problem-solving skills thereby building their confidence in Math. By using a combination of systematic and visually engaging experiences, we make learning fun, memorable and effective. Our programme introduces the innovative “Building Block Approach,” which helps students to build a solid foundation of mathematical knowledge. With our programme, students will be equipped to navigate complex problem sums and minimize mistakes confidently.


The Best in O-Levels
Our Math programme for secondary students takes a unique approach to learning by breaking down complex concepts and topics into manageable parts. This method makes it easier for students to understand and retain information. Additionally, we place a strong emphasis on reinforcing key concepts and addressing challenging topics to ensure that students have a thorough understanding of the materials taught.