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Want 10 study tips for maths success?  Maths is generally considered to be the most challenging school subject so any help you can get makes a difference. At Matrix Math, we aim to take the fear and the unknown out of maths and are always looking at ways to make it easier for our students.

Here are 10 tips we’ve come up with to make studying maths easier.

  1. Make sure to finish all of your homework! Backlogs of unfinished and unsubmitted activities will only serve to reduce your grades. Prioritise homework.
  2. Never ever skip a class. Each class meeting is a new lesson in mathematics, a fast-paced subject. One absence from the class could cost you more than you think. You may miss an important fundamental that is needed in many maths lessons to come.
  3. Befriend someone to be your study buddy! Two brains are better than one. What you failed to pick up in one lesson could be explained by your buddy and vice versa.
  4. Form a respectful bond with your teacher. Teachers are not hard to please if you show them respect. They are also approachable and willing to help any student willing to learn.
  5. Study the mistakes you have made.View mistakes as good learning opportunities. Know where you went wrong, and learn how to make them right. You are bound to come up against the same problem in later lessons.
  6. Don’t be afraid to seek assistance. Everyone needs help sometimes. Do not be ashamed if you lack knowledge about a certain topic. Ask for your teacher’s guidance or your friend’s help.
  7. Ask questions in class. If you don’t understand a point made in class, this is the perfect time to ask your question. Don’t wait until after the class and struggle with your work. The chances are that by raising your hand and asking the question, you will have helped many of your classmates too, as they probably had the same questions.
  8. Get a grip on the basics. You cannot do well in higher maths topics if you haven’t mastered the basics of multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.
  9. Get a handle on Algebra. Learn, practise, and master Algebra as much as you can because you will always encounter math topics that are related to this branch of maths as you move further along.
  10. Know your calculator. Get to know what your calculator can do. Make full use out of it. But don’t over rely on it. You still need to understand the maths problems at hand to be able to use your calculator correctly. It can do the calculations for you but it can’t help you understand the concepts or know what numbers to punch in.
For more tips on how to ace your maths exams, check out this blog.


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