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Learning To Think Differently

Our Primary Maths Tuition Programme is specially designed to equip your child with the essential skills to shine in PSLE maths. We understand that success in PSLE maths goes beyond computational proficiency but depends on your child’s ability to solve problem sums and think critically and independently.

Developed in collaboration with former school teachers and PSLE markers, our programme incorporates a proprietary systematic method for classifying complex heuristic problem sums. This approach simplifies learning, understanding, and revision, ensuring that your child grasps concepts efficiently.

Structured Workbook Practice

Our workbooks are designed to offer your child the essential practice needed to solve each type of sum step-by-step, nurturing a solid foundation in both understanding and skills. Each of them is structured by grouping mathematics questions according to topics and concepts. Problem sums that demand similar problem-solving approaches are grouped together.

As a result, our students experience continuous growth in confidence with every lesson, transforming into independent and proficient maths learners.

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    Model Math Learning Centre

    80% Of Psle maths Questions Demand Problem-Solving Skills And Techniques

    Achieving an AL1 in PSLE Maths requires an integrated approach right from the start. Over the past decade, the Singapore Primary Maths syllabus has transformed, emphasising Applications and Analyses through Heuristic Problem-Solving rather than focusing solely on Mathematics Operations.

    By gradually developing essential Primary maths skills through our proprietary Matrix Method approach, your child will be well-equipped to confidently tackle these types of questions in the PSLE. Prepare them for success by laying a strong foundation early on and watch their mathematical achievements soar.

    The Matrix Method Thought Process Breaks Problem Solving Into 5 Simple Steps:

    Model Math Learning Centre
    Record Data
    Model Math Learning Centre
    Establish A Common Base
    Model Math Learning Centre
    Identify The Value
    Model Math Learning Centre
    Solve 1 Unit
    Model Math Learning Centre
    Read The Question Again

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