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Does your child act out when doing maths? Thinking of sending your child for maths tuition, but not sure they will do the work?

We offer hope! Here’s a case study by one of our teachers, Lina, on the dramatic changes she brought about in one of our students simply by understanding the underlying issues …

“I taught H. Yang last year when he was in Primary 2.

Initially, when I started teaching him, he was very reluctant to try out questions on his own and wanted to be guided fully even after the same concept has just been modelled to him.

It was not so much that he did not comprehend the question but it was more that he wanted attention. There were times that lesson had to be cut short as he threw tantrums in class and was prone to act out when doing maths, to the point that the mum apologised for his behaviour.

I realised that what he needed were some kind words of encouragement, care and attention.

True enough, after a few months, he blossomed into an independent individual and has matured since. he doesn’t act act when doing maths anymore and …

Yes! He improved his Maths too!”

Teacher Lina

This goes to show that you can’t write a child off when they are failing in maths or acting out. It may just be a bad start. Continue with the same teaching approach and nothing will change. But you will see huge differences when your child finally gets the right kind of tuition, has someone who takes the time to be patient with them and show them maths in a different way they can identify with and understand. They will finally find a love for maths.

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