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Model Math Tuition Centre in Toa Payoh is a collaboration between
SAFRA and Matrix Math. The Model Math Building Blocks Approach is a programme designed through 15 years of teaching experience, tested and proven to deliver.

Suitable for students ages 6 to 16.

Model Math Tuition Centre in Toa Payoh will help students gain mathematical confidence by introducing math concepts systematically, ensuring students master their math concepts before moving on to the next one. The programme focuses on reasoning and problem-solving skills by breaking these skill sets into simpler building blocks.

Why Choose Model Math?

Model Math Free Diagnostic Test

Have a head start in Math as young as 4 years old. Our diagnostic report benchmarks your child against others of same academic level.

Toa Payoh Math Tuition Digitised Teaching

Walk through comprehensive PowerPoint teachings and weekly Zoom lessons. Rewatch solutions anytime, anywhere.

Toa Payoh Math Tuition Proven Results

85% of our students attained PSLE scoring of AL1 – A3 in year 2023

Toa Payoh Math Tuition High Retention

Our centre has achieved a constantly high student retention rate of 90% since Oct 2022. Happy learners, happy parents.

Toa Payoh Math Tuition Heuristics Math

An approach that emphasises the use of problem-solving, discovery-based learning and experience-based learning to facilitate student learning.

Toa Payoh Math Tuition Lesson Synopsis

Anticipate next week’s lessons. Our aim is to provide you with a clear and comprehensive preview of your child’s educational journey.

Model Math Learning Centre
Model Math Learning Centre

The Building Blocks
of Mathematics

Are you seeking a comprehensive Math Tuition programme for your children? Model Math Tuition Toa Payoh, a collaboration between SAFRA and Matrix Math offers a unique solution that is designed to effectively teach complex math concepts through a structured and simplified approach. Our focus is on not only improving students’ understanding of math but also developing their reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Register now and give your child the confidence in Math!

    Explore Our Upcoming Programs: Engage, Learn, Excel

    1. Math and Craft: Tailored for K1 to P2 students, this unique programme was developed in collaboration with SAFRA Canvas Ark. It offers an engaging session that merges math and art, with lessons delivered by a math and an art teacher. Children will enjoy a fun and interactive environment where they learn math through creative art projects and experience real-world applications.
    2. Pattern Heuristics for Primary 6: Recognising the challenges of pattern heuristic questions in the PSLE, Model Math has designed a special three-hour online lesson. This programme provides an in-depth look at how these questions are typically structured and the strategies to solve them effectively, equipping students with the skills to tackle one of the toughest topics in PSLE.
    3. June Holiday Programme: Registration for our highly anticipated June holiday programme will open soon. Stay tuned for more details! Renowned for its effectiveness, this programme offers a comprehensive revision of the first semester’s topics and prepares students for the upcoming half of the year, giving them a significant advantage. Our June holiday programme is one of Model Math’s most sought-after offerings, designed to boost students’ confidence and academic performance.

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    Our Client Testimonial

    My girl loves her teachers in Model Math. She scored well in her P2, we are very thankful to her teachers for guiding her.

    Jevina Lee

    My son enjoyed his lesson with Model Math and he has shown improvement in his math although he just completed 1 term.


    Great environment
    My p4 love to attend the class. Improve by 2 AL, got AL1 for EOY exam.

    Hui Min Chia

    Tr Myron is very passionate and patient in his teachings and ensures that all his students benefit after each lesson. The tuition centre imports the expertise from their main HQ, Matrix Math which has been around for over a decade.

    Janice Chen

    The teachers at the centre are patient and able to provide explanations that are easy to understand. They are encouraging and will make extra efforts to take care of the new students to help them assimilate to the class.

    Farn HC Ann

    Glad that I have found my girl a great school where she gets to learn her math concepts from a very patient teacher (Ms Loo Yen). My girl loves her so much!

    Jevina Lee

    My son attend Model Math since Jun 2023. I like that the class ratio is small and Teacher is able to focus on each of them better. His grade has improved and very happy to attend the lesson. He commented that he can get to learn new things every time.

    Cuixia Koh

    Glad that I have found Model Math to help my granddaughter. After attending the first semester she has made improvements in problem-solving in Math. I am pleased that she has a patient and approachable teacher guiding her with the lessons.

    Janet Kwek

    Model Math Learning Centre
    Model Math Learning Centre

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